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Throughout this website we have included financial calculators. These provide an easy way for you to calculate a variety of different values. Whether it be the level of mortgage you may be able to borrow or the taxation due on the purchase of new company shares.

This section groups together all the various calculators available so ease your access to them. We have grouped them into related areas. Once you have chosen the calculator required by clicking on the proceed button you will be taken to the appropriate section of the website.

These calculators are for guidance purposes only and do not form an official quotation of the benefits you may or not receive.


Cathedral Independent Financial Planning Limited
is authorised and regulated by the The Financial
Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate deposit accounts and tax advice.

The tax reliefs referred to throughout this
Internet site are those currently applying in the United Kingdom to UK Tax Residents. These tax reliefs are liable to change. The value of any tax relief available will depend upon the
individual circumstances of the taxpayer.
Please ensure you read our User Terms , Client Agreement and Privacy statement.

Cathedral Independent Financial Planning Limited is Registered in England & Wales no. 04127081. Registered Address: 11 Mill Road,Cranfield, Bedford, MK43 0JG.

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